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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Stem cell

Stem cell research seems to be something that is done in far-away lands. But I heard about something that is done in our own backyard - Chennai; Here is some info from one of my friends.

All of you must have heard about stem cell research in the recent US elections. Basically when a baby is born, the umbical cord contains stem cells that have been found to successfully cure Cancers, heart ailments etc.

These stem cells can therefore save the baby when (s)he grows up from potentially life threatening diseases. All that is needed from the parent's end is to store the cord instead of discarding it as is generally the case.

Fortunately, in India, we have one stem cell bank (in Chennai) that stores them. In case you are interested you can visit their website at - and

PS - As with any medical issue, your doctor/OB should have the final word.


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