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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Oh! The Western Media

Western Media has been closely watching the happenings on the Indian Elections in the past couple of weeks. We kinda got a lot of front-page coverage - shows the growing importance of India. Nevertheless, when the Western media writes anything about India, I am startled to notice 2 things

- There will always be a reference to the caste system (or religion). For instance, when Manmohan singh was elected as the PM by the CPP, all of us, I am sure were elated at having an economist at the helm of the affairs. I don't think anyone of us would have thought, atleast initially, that he is from a minority sikh community and a first non-Hindu PM of our country. But NYtimes in its first report cited this in the first page.

- If a person has an exceptional caliber, they try to have a Western connection. Here Singh has the Oxford connection and the western media invariably points this out. I remember someone telling me that the Western Media had even connected Kalam to some US University although only once in his lifetime had he ever visited the US (and that too for 6 months)

Funny Media! For a flavor on the Western media coverage, here is a news item from CNN - Singh: Poster boy of change


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