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Inside every (wo)man there is always an urge to find a structure in Chaos !

Monday, March 08, 2004

Here is a mail from one of my friends announcing his wedding... I was impressed by the way he had written this. Hence posting it here

This one big wheel always rotates. This wheel is a part of an even bigger vehicle. As it rotates, it takes the vehicle to all kinds of places. There is no stop to the wheel. It visits a busy market place once, while another time it treads the rustic path way leading to a jungle. It goes to a temple once, yet another time it passes by a burial ground. It touches fresh water as it rains sometimes, sometimes slashes through the slush and dirt on the road.

Sometimes it faces the Sun taking all the light thrown upon it while some other times it is in the dark silently working. While it incessantly works, it takes the vehicle and all the minute parts of it to all the places it goes. The wheel is the great wheel of time and the journey is life. The vehicle is the creation of which I am but a minute part. And this life, with time is showing me many different things making me take steps at regular intervals. Here I am at another such point in the life where one has to take the next step. A step which would mean that I will break out from the shell of my individuality. A step that would expect me to learn to respect another person as I do myself. A step that will test my ability to accommodate, adjust and if required, compromise. A step that is an adventure in itself. What bigger adventure than understanding an unknown person and befriending her?

Well, all this apparent serious talk is but the introduction to something I want to share with you all without much ado. (Am I doing the contrary? ;-) ) It is just an attempt to make it seem like it is yet another phase of life, nothing more, and nothing less. Providence has located a lady whom I will be marrying in a few months to come. ‘When and where’ are questions that will subsequently be answered. For now the information I have is that she is a native of Cudappah. And her name is Savitri.


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