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Monday, February 16, 2004

So...I finally did it !!!!!! Completed my Project assignment and successfully completed the presentation too. With this I can call myself as an M.B.A. What a great feeling after so much of effort and so many sleepless nights. One of my ex-Managers was the external examiner for the presentation. We had a lot of arguments over some of the points. It went on and on and on. Finally my ex-Manager met me today and told, "It was a solid work... very well done"

The most interesting part of the reward was yet to come. Our Professor (and guide) asked us (My project-mate and me) to take up our first freelance Management consulting work for one of the companies that he is serving as an independent director. That was worthy a reward than all other words of praise. We will be representing our institute in this work. Although the assignment is big and the industry is totally unknown to us, we have our feel-good-factor with us ;-)) Hopefully we will sail through !

Among other things that have been happening in the past one month, I attended NASSCOM 2004. One of the Presentations by a Mckinsey Partner was too good. But NASSCOM needs to grow up. It is too India-centric. If the industry needs to grow and be a Global Major, it needs to think beyond just India-based Delivery model. There were hardly any sessions on Customer Problems or the next-gen solutions or Offerings. MNCs were completely missing in action. What it took the likes of TCS, Infosys or Wipro to reach this stage need not be the same to reach the next level. I am sure that the likes of Som Mittal, Narayanamurthy or Ramdorai would know this. May be I am missing something.


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