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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

IIMs vs. Joshi
Although I wanted to post my views on this issue on the first day this news appeared in ToI, somehow couldn't. After that I was amazed at people - students as well as media - echoing similar thoughts as mine. I was so endeared to my views that I even thought that the Supreme court by stating "Higher education is not elite alone" is setting a wrong direction for the PIL on this issue. Till... I read this article by Prof. R Vaidyanathan titled Are IIMs accountable? If so to whom?. An excellent article which brings some sense to an otherwise one-sided debate.

But still Prof kinda didn't address some of the issues like
- Govt's lop-sided approach to education - Subsidising higher education at the cost of Primary education
- The point that most of the Students are ready to pay substantially higher amount that 1.5 lakhs to study at IIMs
- and Joshi's action in light of Government Proposing a common written test (and no GD/PI) for admissions to IIMs in the place of CAT

I still feel that IIMs are grown-ups. They needed Government's support earlier; but not now. They are much better off as autonomous institutions.


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