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Saturday, December 20, 2003

"Anything can happen over a cup of coffee"
One of the first things I liked after coming to Bangalore was the Coffee-day Parlors. Of course, in those days Coffee-day joints were a novelty and were not so ubiquitous as they are now. The variety of coffee flavors that they offer is one of the prime attractions for me.

Coffee-days are unique in the sense that they cater to a very niche population. Ok..ok... I won't slip into my b-school lingo. The purpose of this blog was entirely different. If you sit in a Coffee-day parlor in Bangalore and look around, you can notice these

1. Most of the visitors are of the age group 14-35
2. Almost in all tables you can find male-female combos; If it is male-male or female-female, you can be rest assured that one among them is in trouble and getting counseling from the other
3. The Coffee-day bearers are having fun looking around tables and passing comments.

Yesterday I was in one of those coffee-day joints; When I looked around the table I could notice these psycho-profiles. This exercise was real fun. Since I didn't invade the privacy of the concerned groups, I guess this should rate as a decent one
a. A guy and a girl meeting for the first time; They both want to break the ice...but not able to; trying hard
b. A group of girls with a single guy; The guy is trying hard to impress atleast one of them
c. A group of college pals; One girl is definitely going to propose to one of the guys in a few days from now. The glances speak ample of it
d. A girl in trouble. Her face says it all; Her friend is trying to reason it out with her
e. In another table, the girl seemed to have said 'no' just few minutes before. The guy is obviously down. Both of them don't know how to end the meeting
f. A couple looking around the tables (commenting on the psycho-profiles) and getting reminded of their "courting days" ;-)

While writing this blog, I got reminded of Ryman-novel; The novel is about the profiles of passengers inside the London underground train. I completely agree with the author when he says, "Do you sometimes wonder who the strangers around you are? This novel will give you the illusion that you can know. Indeed, it can make you feel omniscient, Godlike. This is a pleasurable sensation. But please remember that once you leave 253 , you are no longer Godlike. The author, of course, is." GOD :-)


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