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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Someday, I will
I have been wanting to blog on a lot of things, but unfortunately finding no time at all. I get a lot of thoughts on what to blog when I ride to my workplace, when I am in my class and even when I am reading the daily paper. How good it would be if what I think is instantly transformed into a blog :-((

Some of the topics I have been wanting to write-on off-late
- Why IIM-s can never have the global brand-equity that IIT-s enjoy today ? (itz the brown-cieling)
- How life is unfair to people who are ambitious ;-)
- The zero-tolerance project at MG Road, Bangalore
- Microsoft's AoE and what I understood about Human civilization and important lessons for the current society we live in
- Why it is a 3rd phase for Indian IT industry and my own predictions about Infy, Wipro and TCS
- About Venkat of "The Ultimate Reality" and what I find amazing about that guy
- About my irritating PC and frequent crashes
- About my new job and what I like and dislike about it (I will blog on this definitely, someday)
- About VCs and my dream of becoming an entrepreneur someday... The Zen Masters' section in the side bar is a reflection of that... Someday ... Someday...
- About Bangalore Agenda Task Force
- About the new found optimism in India and sudden transformation from "Chalta hai" to "Hum honge kamyaab" ..Btw, did u see the latest "India is shining" ads in the papers?
- About Bangalore's one and only Multiplex and why I was thoroughly disappointed on visiting it
- About the Hindi movie that I saw last week and 101 reasons on why I will never again go to a Hindi Movie
- About the recent "Calvinization" of "Dennis the Menace" comic strip; I somehow didn't like it. Both Calvin & Hobbes and Dennis the menace should just be like themselves and not ape the other... Who will listen to me:-(
- What else to blog on ;-))

I could hear my friend Bhasker saying, "In the time you listed these down, you could have blogged on a couple of these"... Heck!!! whatz the fun in it anyway ;-))


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