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Monday, October 27, 2003

Everytime you fail...

Whenever I am euphoric about some success that I have achieved or feeling sullen about the failure that stares at me, I tell myself a story. I have found this very enlightening and soothing. At least it helps me think in the “All-for-good” direction. I am not good at story-telling. But let me give it a try.

Long long ago, an old man lived in a small hamlet. He had 4 sons. He was a bit philosophical in nature, which made people around him a bit irritated. He owned a small piece of farm which was sufficient in feeding his family. Overall he was a happy and contended person.

One fine day, a beautiful horse was found grazing in his farm. Per the rules of the village, if nobody lays claim for the horse then it is given to the owner of the farmland. Accordingly, the horse was handed over to this old man by the village head. The horse was so beautiful that instantly the old man became an object of jealousy in the villagers’ eyes. Almost everyone told him that he is so lucky that the horse chose his farm to graze. The old man was un-perturbed. He smiled at the villagers and told them “All for good”

A few weeks later, his younger son stole a ride on his horse and broke his leg. The fracture was so severe that the village doctor advised him a complete rest for a couple of months. Some of the villagers who visited the old man’s son told him that the horse has turned out to be really unlucky. For this the old man in his usual style smiled at them and told “All for good”

A couple of weeks passed by without any significant happenings. One fine day the neighboring king invaded the old man’s country. All the young men of the landed were asked to get drafted to the army. The king’s soldiers raided the village in search of young men who were fit enough for the army. Almost all the young men except for the old man’s last son were selected for the war, the scales of which everyone thought was totally skewed against them. The old man once again became the object of jealousy in his village-men eyes. Most of them told that the horse is indeed lucky… The old man with his usual twinkle in his eyes told “All for good”

Doesn’t it give a message folks? Tell this to yourself whenever you get bogged down by failures. I suppose, it has more message than what I could convey in this blog.


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