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Monday, September 01, 2003

Hakuna Matata
Yesterday I saw "The Lion King" for the fourth time. What a movie it was! Although many would dismiss the movie as resembling "mid-70 Bollywood" movies, the dialogues, graphics and above all the "Simba" character adds the neccessary garnishings to the movie. The subtle humor in some of the dialogues (particularly those of Timon's) makes the movie one of my all-time favorites. And who can forget the famous song - "Hakuna Matata".

My wife (and even me, secretly) just couldn't resist the temptation of exclaiming "cute" looking at "Simba". To tell the truth, yesterday I was watching the movie like a Rajnikanth's fan watching his hero's movie. To say the least, I got goose-bumps in a couple of scenes ;-) Check out some of the dialogues in IMDB's "Memorable Quotes from The Lion King" page. My favorite is this:

Simba: Man, I'm stuffed.
Pumbaa: Me, too. I am like a pig.
Simba: Pumbaa, you *are* a pig.

For those not able to appreciate me going gung ho on this movie, just watch it out once :-)


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