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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Fluffy Strategy!

Ah! Just completed a couple of major exams this quarter. This has been one of the toughest quarters:-( But we did some of the best subjects one can do in a B-school. I will write about other subjects later. But for now I would like to blog only about this course called -"Advanced Studies in Strategic Management" (ASM).

Any B-school student will get the so-called "kick" when he/she hears the word "Strategy". It is the dream of every prospective Manager and B-school student to do "Strategy Planning" - sitting in the corner office and dictating what the company of 5000 or 50000 odd workforce should do; Of course, who would not like "POWER". In Prof's words - "Every B-school student thinks a Strategist is like a cow-boy; riding on the horseback and swinging his pistol."

Thankfully, this course on ASM, did precisely to demolish any such thoughts that one may have about Strategy. The course textbook that we had, made all the difference; it was a book by Henry Mintzbery and others titled, "Strategy Safari". We were also fortunate enough to have one of the students of Mintzberg as our Guest Faculty; An intellectual by any measure, his pithy one-liners had no comparisons; To get you a taste of that, try this - "All generalizations are false, including this and all Generalizations are true, including this."

I recommend all MBAs and Prospective MBAs to read this book before stepping into the real world of Strategy and Execution. Please do not have any fluffy ideas about Strategy:-)


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