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Inside every (wo)man there is always an urge to find a structure in Chaos !

Saturday, September 20, 2003

I have heard a lot about Microsoft's Age of Empires, but never got a chance to play. Finally, yesterday I did (thanks to my wife and Bil)! A pretty neat game on Strategy and more importantly Project Management. Although all games are about the resources in your hand and how you play it, what makes AoE interesting is that it is about Human Civilization and how it evolves (or evolved). You get to play God also sometimes :-) Although I am still in the Egyptian Leaning module, this game has caught my fancy and I am sure I will be crazy about it for some more time ! The background music is especially great !!

Try your hand, if you don't mind shelling Rs 3900 for that :-) I could hear someone yelling there, "Kazaa! Kazaa!! " ;-)


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