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Monday, August 04, 2003

Should I drop-out of my MBA?
Henry Mintzberg is known for some hard-hitting views on MBA scholars and thinkers. His animosity towards Porter,arguably one of the finest Strategy thinkers of our times, is well known to the MBA world. Here is an article by him titled "MBAs as CEOs". Hits very hard on MBAs with facts and numbers.

He says, "Unfortunately, or atleast less fortunately for everyone else, management is not analysis, or at least not merely analysis. Nor should it be the decision making of the case stufy classroom, where people who have mostly never managed get twenty pages about a company they do not know and are expected to pronounce on its strategy the next day... Pretending to create managers in a classroom is, we believe, wrong headed at best, or, as some of our evidence suggests, decidedly dysfunctional at worst."

The final line of that article is something most of you would love. Check it out for yourselves !!!


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