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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Is there a bigger picture ?
In American society, there are certain indicators, which convey to the outside world about what America really thinks and what tops the mind of common Americans. Time magazine is one such bell-weather. It recently ran a story on outsourcing to Low cost countries particularly, India. Although this trend has been around for sometime now, suddenly it is gaining the attention of lawmakers, NGOs, Labor unions amongst others. There seems to be anger all over. Recently, one of my American colleagues made this remark which aptly conveys what the man on the street thinks about this trend: "If they (the businesses) keep moving all the jobs to low-cost countries and tell us that it saves the consumers precious money, I miss the logic. When all of us fight over a job at McDonalds, who is going to be there to buy these products and services"; My Economics professors might have a different reasoning altogether. But intuitively speaking, I find a lot of logic in what this person says. Are the American corporations really missing the bigger picture, if at all one exists?


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