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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Are you scared ? Rush to the betting parlor
Do you have information on the next suicidal bombing attack ? Well, you can rake in your dollars now (of course, not millions though...only thousands). Late in July, DARPA came up with this idea of betting parlor on speculating geo-political events. It is based on the same idea that the market forces can better predict an event, be it business or political, than a select few individuals. Brilliant, I would say. Then, you don't expect anything less from the agency which invented the Internet.

But before you jump on this idea, here is the somber note - The idea was shot down on Moral and Ethical grounds :-( Thinking about what all it could have achieved, well, the list is endless.

BW has an article on this titled "Betting on Terror: An Explosive Idea"


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