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Sunday, July 27, 2003

Phone Booth
When you see brilliance unfolding in front of your eyes, what do you feel like? I feel like surrendering to it. Nothing else gives me that kind of a high! Today I saw "it" again - in the form of a movie; I have seen a lot of Hitchcockian suspense thrillers; but Phone Booth made me understand and appreciate what it is all about. A crisp and packed 80 minute plot runs like this; a man enters a phone booth; a serial killer calls him there and tells him that if he steps out of the booth he will be shot dead; to add credibility to his warnings, he even shoots a pimp dead; Well, I dont want to tell more and spoil your fun.

The serial killer's moves are brilliant; Much more brilliant is his God-like voice. Having undergone a course in 'Theatre' myself, another thing that caught my attention was "space"; the whole movie is shot in and around a phone booth. Needless to say, conception of such a movie is difficult by any stretch of imagination.

I strongly recommend this movie to everybody. If you find it boring, I am ready to give your money back :-)


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