Chaotic Solitude

Inside every (wo)man there is always an urge to find a structure in Chaos !

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Enlightening moments
An article titled "Timeless in Time" in Deccan Herald by one of my friends Madhav. The question,“Don’t you realise how fortunate you were to get all the 45 minutes of time to spend with yourself?’’ seemed profound not only for my friend but also for me.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Phone Booth
When you see brilliance unfolding in front of your eyes, what do you feel like? I feel like surrendering to it. Nothing else gives me that kind of a high! Today I saw "it" again - in the form of a movie; I have seen a lot of Hitchcockian suspense thrillers; but Phone Booth made me understand and appreciate what it is all about. A crisp and packed 80 minute plot runs like this; a man enters a phone booth; a serial killer calls him there and tells him that if he steps out of the booth he will be shot dead; to add credibility to his warnings, he even shoots a pimp dead; Well, I dont want to tell more and spoil your fun.

The serial killer's moves are brilliant; Much more brilliant is his God-like voice. Having undergone a course in 'Theatre' myself, another thing that caught my attention was "space"; the whole movie is shot in and around a phone booth. Needless to say, conception of such a movie is difficult by any stretch of imagination.

I strongly recommend this movie to everybody. If you find it boring, I am ready to give your money back :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

The Civilization of Selfishness
I recently came across this article by Dinesh D'Souza titled "The Civilization of Selfishness". Quite a neat article in defence of Capitalism. I particularly liked the way he reasoned out why capitalism works : "... capitalism works to civilize greed, just as marriage civilizes lust. Greed and lust are human emotions: They cannot be eradicated by all the exhortations of well-meaning central planners and theologians. Indeed, to the degree that greed leads to effort and lust to pleasure, who would want to eradicate them?" Umm...point to ponder :-)