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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Shame, Sony Max!! Shame

Before I begin this blog, let me confess. I am not a great cricket fan, nor do I claim to know how a good cricket telecast should be.

Yesterday, true to my "Indianness" I was watching the Indo-Pak cricket Match on Sony Max. No doubt, there were many moments, wherein the blood pressure was mounting. Of course, Indo-Pak Cricket matches are supposed to create that; that’s an experience in itself.

Sony Max was also showing its "Indianness" - reminding viewers of the "DoorDarshan-days"; it was at its best yesterday; here are some samples:

* Pakistan's Wicket keeper catches a ball off Rahul Dravid's pads; There is a big appeal; Umpire says something; Viewers are tensed; Cuts-in "Che Panch Panch Panch"; Aamir-Khan haggles with the shop-keeper for a silly coke bottle; Viewers are still confused and irritated; Next comes another ad; Ah! that's the last ad; Sony Max returns to the match; Then there is a change in the commentary box; Viewers scream, "Arae !! What happened to Rahul"; Thankfully Rahul is still around; after a good 3 minutes, a replay is shown and the viewers breathe easy.

* Tendulkar is batting; Suddenly the wicket of his look-alike Virendar Sehwag is shown; There is no clue on the screen that it is a replay; Commentators and viewers are equally confused and confounded; The Commentator finally understands what is being shown on the TV and says "that's how Sehwag got out"; A good 30-seconds – enough to send even the strong-hearted amongst us to the ICU :-(

* Sachin drives a ball hard; The camera follows the ball; The viewers have no clue whether there is a fielder over there in the outfield or not; The tension mounts; Will-it-go –for-a-four-or-not; Will-it-go –for-a-four-or-not; Commentators are in their own world talking something else; The ball touches the rope - FINALLY. Viewers heave a sigh of relief; The commentator then says - "That’s a four”; You feel like screaming "Is it so? I thought it was a six"

Absolutely there is no coordination between the guy who is in the editing room and the commentators. The confusion amongst the commentators is palpable. Also the commentators are so hell-bent upon "stating" some of their opinions on the general well-known facts than commenting on the proceedings of the game; Looking at the positive side, it is a good Time-travel for the Post-80 born folks; it gives a good glimpse of "India of the 80's"

What more can you expect from a team that brings us "Extra Innings"; Isn’t it ironical that Sony's "Deewana Bana De" tagline is becoming so apt :-( Is Sony-Max's Sr. Management listening?


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