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Saturday, March 01, 2003

I am Chevrolet
Did you guys see the Chevy ad that was beamed yesterday? What a brilliant (albeit arrogant) ad it is!! If you have not yet seen it, here it is for you.

The ad starts like this
"I am sun"; "I am rain"; "I am the prize" (the baby looks cute); "I am your prayer"; "I am your neighbor"; It then closes with the final slide showing - "I am Chevrolet"; What an ad !!! Brilliantly conceived, I would say. Any other claim by any other competitors would have to play second fiddle to this ad. What more than claiming I am God :-) As usual, I suspect that Brand Equity would come up with a survey stating that Chevy's ad is “Bekaar”. They like differing with the perception of viewers like me, I believe.

Btw, here is a news item on Chevy's India entry.


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