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Saturday, March 08, 2003

Excitement inversely proportional to Profits
Yesterday our Brand Management Prof made an interesting observation. The discussion was about "Hi Tech Brands". The companies - IBM, Microsoft and Apple - were the subjects of discussion. They were being compared on several parameters; One such parameter was "Excitement of work place". Apple stood top followed by Microsoft and IBM, in that order. The Prof observed - "Folks! Did you notice? The company which stands top on "excitement" scale makes the least money :-)" I was curious to check this out; EPS of Apple is 0.15 cents while that of IBM is 3.08 and that of Microsoft is 0.89

I remember reading something similar to this sometime back - Every work has some boring component in it or it would tend to become boring over a period of time. The only place where work is exciting as well as rewarding is that of "stock broking" - where adrenalin flows every second! So how many of us are ready to take that argument forward?


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