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Inside every (wo)man there is always an urge to find a structure in Chaos !

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Information is Power. Go! Misuse it !!
Recently one of my friends forwarded this mail. It left me thoroughly confused. Here is the source of confusion. The mail had 2 links - both reporting on a fire in National Chemical Laboratory in Pune; One from and the other from As a true Indian I would like to "believe" the rediff version :-(

Excitement inversely proportional to Profits
Yesterday our Brand Management Prof made an interesting observation. The discussion was about "Hi Tech Brands". The companies - IBM, Microsoft and Apple - were the subjects of discussion. They were being compared on several parameters; One such parameter was "Excitement of work place". Apple stood top followed by Microsoft and IBM, in that order. The Prof observed - "Folks! Did you notice? The company which stands top on "excitement" scale makes the least money :-)" I was curious to check this out; EPS of Apple is 0.15 cents while that of IBM is 3.08 and that of Microsoft is 0.89

I remember reading something similar to this sometime back - Every work has some boring component in it or it would tend to become boring over a period of time. The only place where work is exciting as well as rewarding is that of "stock broking" - where adrenalin flows every second! So how many of us are ready to take that argument forward?

Saturday, March 01, 2003

The Talent Myth - Are smart people overrated ?
Malcolm Gladwell on "The Talent Myth - Are smart people overrated"; All the theories that the management gurus talk fall flat in face of this article; One question by Gladwell makes us think - Enron is bankrupt; Its auditor -Arthur Anderson- has been driven out of business; How come Enron's other partner, Mckinsey, is largely left unscathed ?
Shame, Sony Max!! Shame

Before I begin this blog, let me confess. I am not a great cricket fan, nor do I claim to know how a good cricket telecast should be.

Yesterday, true to my "Indianness" I was watching the Indo-Pak cricket Match on Sony Max. No doubt, there were many moments, wherein the blood pressure was mounting. Of course, Indo-Pak Cricket matches are supposed to create that; that’s an experience in itself.

Sony Max was also showing its "Indianness" - reminding viewers of the "DoorDarshan-days"; it was at its best yesterday; here are some samples:

* Pakistan's Wicket keeper catches a ball off Rahul Dravid's pads; There is a big appeal; Umpire says something; Viewers are tensed; Cuts-in "Che Panch Panch Panch"; Aamir-Khan haggles with the shop-keeper for a silly coke bottle; Viewers are still confused and irritated; Next comes another ad; Ah! that's the last ad; Sony Max returns to the match; Then there is a change in the commentary box; Viewers scream, "Arae !! What happened to Rahul"; Thankfully Rahul is still around; after a good 3 minutes, a replay is shown and the viewers breathe easy.

* Tendulkar is batting; Suddenly the wicket of his look-alike Virendar Sehwag is shown; There is no clue on the screen that it is a replay; Commentators and viewers are equally confused and confounded; The Commentator finally understands what is being shown on the TV and says "that's how Sehwag got out"; A good 30-seconds – enough to send even the strong-hearted amongst us to the ICU :-(

* Sachin drives a ball hard; The camera follows the ball; The viewers have no clue whether there is a fielder over there in the outfield or not; The tension mounts; Will-it-go –for-a-four-or-not; Will-it-go –for-a-four-or-not; Commentators are in their own world talking something else; The ball touches the rope - FINALLY. Viewers heave a sigh of relief; The commentator then says - "That’s a four”; You feel like screaming "Is it so? I thought it was a six"

Absolutely there is no coordination between the guy who is in the editing room and the commentators. The confusion amongst the commentators is palpable. Also the commentators are so hell-bent upon "stating" some of their opinions on the general well-known facts than commenting on the proceedings of the game; Looking at the positive side, it is a good Time-travel for the Post-80 born folks; it gives a good glimpse of "India of the 80's"

What more can you expect from a team that brings us "Extra Innings"; Isn’t it ironical that Sony's "Deewana Bana De" tagline is becoming so apt :-( Is Sony-Max's Sr. Management listening?
I am Chevrolet
Did you guys see the Chevy ad that was beamed yesterday? What a brilliant (albeit arrogant) ad it is!! If you have not yet seen it, here it is for you.

The ad starts like this
"I am sun"; "I am rain"; "I am the prize" (the baby looks cute); "I am your prayer"; "I am your neighbor"; It then closes with the final slide showing - "I am Chevrolet"; What an ad !!! Brilliantly conceived, I would say. Any other claim by any other competitors would have to play second fiddle to this ad. What more than claiming I am God :-) As usual, I suspect that Brand Equity would come up with a survey stating that Chevy's ad is “Bekaar”. They like differing with the perception of viewers like me, I believe.

Btw, here is a news item on Chevy's India entry.